Managed Detection & Response (MDR)​​

In a world plagued by digital threats, a formidable hero arises Managed Detection & Response (MDR).

It surpasses the realm of mere alerts, offering a comprehensive solution to building a highly responsive security operation. Moreover, it becomes paramount to have a partner who goes above and beyond, diligently shielding your business from any potential disruptions. However, the true essence of response lies not only in its existence but also in its execution. It is our unwavering commitment and unique approach that truly sets us apart, ensuring the utmost security for your organization’s vital interests.

Partnering with Triad Cyber Solution MDR delivers:

Not only does it result in a 3x faster mean time to detect, but it also leads to a 3x faster mean time to respond.

Furthermore, a staggering 64% of customers report having more time to focus on other security initiatives.
In addition, there is a remarkable 42% less time spent investigating, validating, and analyzing.

Moreover, this improvement allows for 60% more time dedicated to professional development.

Lastly, it leads to an impressive 69% reduction in the cyber risk profile.

Cyber Security Audit

What is managed detection and response?

By leveraging managed detection and response (MDR) organizations gain access to a powerful outsourced service that empowers them with robust threat-hunting capabilities. MDR takes an active approach, promptly responding to threats upon discovery. Furthermore, it incorporates a crucial human element, providing MDR customers with access to a talented pool of security researchers and engineers. These highly skilled professionals diligently monitor networks, analyze incidents, and respond promptly to security cases, ensuring comprehensive protection for your organization. With MDR in place, your organization can confidently navigate the digital landscape, fortified by a proactive and expertly managed security solution.

Top 10 Questions asked when hiring a Managed Detection and Response Service Provider (MDR )

Triad identifies gaps in prevention and detection capabilities before attacks do due to our experience and technology.

We have a streamlined process that enables us to identify systemic weaknesses and develop roadmaps for continuous security program improvements. This iterative approach progressively strengthens your security program over time.

Moreover, we remove the burden of deploying and optimizing technologies, allowing you to achieve a rapid return on investment.

In addition, we ensure that your security team has the support it needs when it needs it from various departments such as SOC, Customer Success, and Support. Moreover, we have established a robust process for routine and emergency communications, ensuring effective and timely information exchange.

Furthermore, we conduct a comprehensive review of the current process and technology in place. This enables us to assess the value of existing security investments, enhancing visibility into your environment. Additionally, we identify any components that may require sunsetting or phased-out to optimize your security posture.

At Triad, we propel your organization to the forefront of threat detection by utilizing advanced methods that surpass the limitations of signatures and IoCs. With our extensive experience and powerful software, we are uniquely positioned to fortify and safeguard your business.

With our custom setup, your environment gains an automatic barrier against attackers attempting to gain an initial foothold. This proactive defense mechanism ensures the prevention of unauthorized access and bolsters the security of your system.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to accurately identify attacker presence and root cause, all while minimizing false positives that often overwhelm security teams. With our advanced techniques, we ensure precise detection and efficient allocation of resources, allowing your security team to focus on genuine threats rather than getting bogged down by false alarms.

Our proactive measures enable us to thwart attackers at earlier stages in the kill chain, effectively halting their lateral spread within your environment. Additionally, we identify and address additional areas that require enhanced security measures. By taking swift action, we minimize the potential impact of attacks and fortify your overall defense posture.

We provide your security team with easily digestible information regarding security events, system health, and overall security posture. Our streamlined reporting ensures that crucial insights are readily available, empowering your team to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to protect your organization’s assets.

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