Could You Lose in ABA Court

Over Cyber Security Negligence?

Your weak security could cost you clients…and your license. Don’t let compliance issues put your legal practice at risk.

What Compliance Services Do We Offer For The Law Firms?

ABA Cybersecurity Compliance

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • Implementation of Security Policies
  • Regular Security Training for Staff
  • Incident Response Planning

GLBA Compliance

  • Data Protection and Privacy Policies
  • Secure Client Data Management
  • Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance

  • Implementation of Security Best Practices
  • Continuous Monitoring and Security Updates
  • Breach Notification and Incident

HIPAA Compliance

  • Secure Handling of Protected Health Information
  • Regular Security Audits and Assessments
  • Data Encryption and Secure Communication

How Do We Achieve Compliance?

Initial Assessment

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of your current compliance status.
  • Identify potential gaps and vulnerabilities in
    your systems and processes.

Custom Compliance Plan

  • Develop a tailored compliance plan that
    addresses your specific needs.
  • Outline the necessary steps and timelines to
    achieve full compliance

Policy and Procedure Development

  • Create and implement comprehensive policies and procedures that adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that all staff members are aware of and understand these policies.

Training and Awareness

  • Provide regular training sessions for your staff on compliance best practices.
  • Foster a culture of compliance within your organization.

Continuous Monitoring & Auditing

  • Establish continuous monitoring to identify and resolve compliance issues promptly.

  • Conduct regular audits to ensure regulatory compliance.

Incident Response & Management

  • Develop and implement an incident response plan for quick compliance breach resolution.

  • Manage and mitigate incidents to protect your organization.

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Risk?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please go through our FAQ to know more about our services and how we ensure the highest standards of security and compliance.

General Questions

While Clio and CARET Legal software offer several features designed to enhance the security and management of legal practices, it is important to understand the scope and limitations of these protections.

Law firms need to be aware of several key compliance guidelines, including American Bar Association (ABA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Security Risk Assessments should be conducted regularly, at least annually or whenever significant changes are made to your IT infrastructure. Regular assessments help in staying updated with evolving threats and maintaining robust security measures.